Taking Your Clients’ Pulse

If you don’t regularly survey your clients to find how you are doing and whether they are “promoters” or detractors, you are missing a key best practice in growing your agency.

We believe in Frederick Reichheld’s “Net Promoter” concept, though we take it a few steps farther in the client surveys we do for firms.

It is not only important to know if a client will or has referred you, but also to gauge their views on agency performance, whether they understand and value additional capabilities, how they feel about your network affiliation(s) (if any), where they need the firm to improve, and how they view your account team.

We’ve found that positioning an outside consultant to handle client surveys elicits frank replies that ordinarily do not come out in online surveys or those conducted by agency management. In addition, clients seem to appreciate that their agency is investing in themselves to do a better job for the client.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how client surveys can help your firm’s growth.