Agency Rewind – Assessments for Growth

One of the most important factors for improving the overall health of your firm is to take a critical look back – I call it “Agency Rewind” – at either the year or the quarter just past.

Assessing how you did, why you did what you did, and what you need to do differently in the next year or period, is not only instructive, it’s enlightening.

When we do an Agency Rewind, we assess the 8 most important aspects of your business, asking the tough questions and evaluating your answers to give you specific advice you can use immediately.

  • Process improvement
  • Financial management
  • Standards of excellence
  • Management team
  • Staffing
  • Services
  • Marketing and business development
  • Leadership

If you feel you would benefit from a thorough assessment of your agency, let us know. We’ would be happy to talk with you.