Maximizing Client Relationships to Build Business

A critical evaluation of your relationships and work for your major clients is one of the most important aspects of your yearly business  planning and quarterly reviews.

While new business is the lifeblood of all agencies, organic growth from your existing clients is the easiest new business you will ever get. Yet, too many firms are concerned more with “just doing the work” than with building the relationships and uncovering new opportunities that will add revenue to the firm.

When we facilitate structured client reviews, we operate with a series of time-tested questions to deliver major benefits to your firm. You will:

  • Identify client vulnerabilities based on an assessment of past work
  • Pinpoint profitability and over-servicing issues
  • Understand how you can truly make an impact on your client’s business
  • Evaluate current relationships and identify new ones critical to success
  • Create ways to change client perceptions of the agency (if necessary)
  • Improve staffing

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