Retaining Stars and Creating a Great Place to Work

Creating a great agency in which to work is no less than important than creating a clear and compelling external vision of the firm you want to become. Becoming a great place to work is also a major reason why your star employees stay or go. It is a critical employee retention tool.

For some clients, we have helped create that internal vision and then advise them on developing and implementing  programs and other actions that help make their vision come alive. Often that assistance involves interviewing staff to assess current issues, e.g. morale, perceived opportunities for advancement, environment and culture, professional development, empowerment, and a number of others.

 If your agency is not a great place in which to work, than money and title become your only motivational tools. When you try to fix an underlying management issue by paying people more, or giving them a new title you set up a hostage situation for yourself and deal with the symptom not the cause.

As with our client interviews, we have found agency employees to be open and frank with outside consultants. They will tell us what they won’t tell their management.

If you want to create a great place to work,  let us know and we can help